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Transportation Management System

Boxzooka technology includes a powerful Transportation Management System (TMS), that is fully integrated into our Warehouse Management System (WMS).  This integration allows for seamless coordination and optimization of transportation activities from sourcing and manufacturing to the end consumer.  Boxzooka’s TMS and WMS combined, provides a valuable set of tools for our clients to manage the ever-increasing costs of shipping, end to end. 

Parcel Rate and Method Shopping

Our Virtual Shipping Network leverages parcel rate and method shopping to multiple options to optimize the best rate with the best method of shipping. With access to multiple carriers, our TMS compares rates and services across a variety of different shipping providers. The Boxzooka TMS chooses the most cost-effective option based on factors such as transit time, service level, assessorial fees, and cost.

The Boxzooka Virtual Shipping Network offers flexible delivery timing and shipment costs based on your delivery promise: One Day, Two Days, Three Days, and so on. The best carrier and rate for the destination weight, and dimensions of each package can vary. Often times there’s a more economical option than the conventional name brand carriers provide for the same day definite transit time. Leveraging our facility locations and shipping algorithms we can often find ground shipment options that cost less than overnight express.


Boxzooka’s aggregated volume is utilized to negotiate favorable shipment contracts with multiple carriers resulting in highly discounted shipping rates and reduced accessorial fees for all clients, vs. a single retailer shipping on its own account.

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Cargo Containers

Inbound Freight Services

Boxzooka offers door-to-door import freight services including ocean freight, air freight, customs brokerage as well as domestic drayage, trucking, and rail. eCommerce retailers can take advantage of Boxzooka’s aggregated import volume and portfolio of carrier options, some even offering express ocean freight, reducing the typical transit time in half and serving as a cost-saving alternative to air freight. Our WMS client portal provides visibility to real-time tracking from local origin pickup to delivery into one of our domestic distribution centers.  

Freight service rates chart
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Air Freight

Regional Distribution

Leveraging fulfillment operations on the east coast and the west coast provides shipping cost savings and faster delivery options. Boxzooka’s integrated WMS and TMS platforms make these solutions readily available and provide the analysis to show the benefits to your brand and customer experience. We help you manage the inventory levels in support of split distribution to optimize the delivery timeframe and set reliable expectations. Putting your products nearer the customer reduces shipping time and expense for everyone. 

Map of Boxzooka's regional distribution locations

Shipping Analytics

Boxzooka’s TMS generates comprehensive reports and provides valuable analytics on shipping activities. These insights enable ecommerce retailers to identify trends, analyze costs, and make data-driven decisions to optimize shipping strategies. By identifying areas for improvement, they can implement cost-saving measures and enhance their supply chain performance.

By providing these robust tools and features within our TMS, we empower our clients to manage shipping costs efficiently. The integration of TMS and WMS streamlines operations and enhances visibility ultimately contributing to cost savings and improved overall supply chain performance.

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Branded Tracking

Shipping carriers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising their own brands and want consumers tracking on their websites. Boxzooka technology can help you own that experience with your brand. Turn your customer's routine of tracking packages into an opportunity to bring them back to your website vs. going elsewhere to check on their order. Our integrated branded tracking pages offer a unique opportunity to create additional sales opportunities.

Real-time tracking and visibility of shipments are valuable features for our clients and their customers. With our TMS, retailers can monitor the status and location of shipments, proactively address any delays or issues, and keep customers informed. Improved visibility helps reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

La Ligne example of branded tracking
Worker scanning a return package

Return Process

Boxzooka understands the importance to get returned products back to stock for resale and provides timely and accurate returns processing services. Our expertise in handling apparel requires that we have the processes and technology that make returns a routine part of the business.  We are also integrated with the top returns technology platforms and transportation consolidators and understand how to remove friction from the reverse to forward business.  We can even help turn the returns business into a profit center by working closely with our experienced Client Success Managers. 

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