Brooke Atwood: ‘I couldn’t do it without’ Boxzooka

Brooke Atwood says the day she shipped her product line to Boxzooka was a great day.

“The transition from doing my own distribution to having Boxzooka do it has been so seamless for me,” said Atwood. “It’s been so stress-free. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Atwood, with offices in Savannah and NYC, launched her first leather t-shirt line in 2013, after she had graduated from Savannah College of Design in 2010.

Following the theme of disruption, after several years of following the traditional design business model, she decided to keep her prices down by cutting out the middle man and launched a new website. She doesn’t do full collections anymore but focuses on individual pieces and recently launched a Blues t-shirt line, combining her love of Mississippi Blues with an edge. All of her pieces are made in New York City.

“I had been researching to find the right order fulfillment company to work with. When I talked to Brendan, he seemed like a normal person. I talked to four other companies — truthfully, they seemed a lot like robots. They didn’t ask about my brands, but Brendan seemed cool and cared about my line,” Atwood said. “Plus, budget-wise, Boxzooka was a fit.”

Brendan Heegan, founder, owner/CEO of Boxzooka, says Atwood is representative of the company’s diverse client base.

“Brooke shares a few things in common with others we represent. They are all unique, brand conscious and focused on selling on their own platform versus a marketplace,” Heegan said. “To be successful they all need the tailored behind the scenes operational support we can provide and Brooke Atwood fits our client culture like a glove.”

Atwood says the Boxzooka team has been great to work with to ensure the “unboxing experience” she has created for customers, including using her signature duct tape in the packaging process. She promises same day shipping to her customers — and since she started working with Boxzooka, she says she doesn’t have to worry about keeping that promise.

“I know it’s being taken care of. In the past, I did it all myself,” she said. “Now, I use Shopify. Boxzooka links up with my Shopify account. I can go into their system and see everything I want to see. It’s super easy. If I have a question, they get me an answer within ten minutes.”

Written by: Jan Risher

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