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Company Culture

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Boxzooka has a culture grounded in taking care of employees and taking care of customers.  Fulfillment is a service-oriented endeavor that requires attention to detail and professionalism.  We understand that customers appreciate responsiveness and being attentive to the end-customer needs.  Client feedback is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation.  We also know prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of our employees is a key factor in having a productive workplace and being a reliable partner. 


As the company expanded into more locations and brought in new employees, having a solidified culture with core values has been essential for maintaining consistency and unity across different teams and locations.

The foundation of our core values is listed below and has become embedded into our day-to-day working environment. Please come visit us and experience our teams firsthand.

Mission Statement

Delivering on our Promises while creating positive experiences for our clients and employees. 

Core Values

Partnership.  Excellence.  Servanthood.  Accountability.  Teamwork.  



We are committed to our partnerships with our clients internal and external.



We take pride in our work and the service we deliver to our clients. 



We are committed to being empathetic and helpful to each other and our clients.



We hold ourselves accountable for accuracy, transparency, and honesty. 



We value collaboration in achieving our goals and the goals of our clients.

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