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Client Success

Boxzooka's Client Success Methodology exemplifies both responsiveness and meticulousness.  We fully understand the importance of our client's requirements for a responsive, professional, and knowledgeable fulfillment partner for their business. Our team precisely meets those needs and integrates these essential qualities into our Continuous Improvement Culture. The Client Success Methodology we have developed is specifically designed to cater to retailers, providing them with everything they need, precisely when they need it, in the exact format they desire.
Client Success Boxzooka
Hand shake client relationship strategy

Client Relationship Strategy

Our teams are here to help you every step of the way!

Our Methodology for Client Success begins with aligning with your expectations. Throughout the engagement process, we are driven to keep our promises. Successful onboarding of a retailer continues with knowledge transfer from our business development team to our implementation team.  With our expertise in technology integration, we ensure a seamless journey for you. Taking the initiative, we strive to make implementations efficient and hassle-free for your team.

Pointing at computer showcasing client relationship stragey
Business development team at Boxzooka

Business Development Team

Our Business Development Team is there for you from the very beginning. They'll help you navigate both short-term and long-term planning, providing a big-picture view of the steps ahead. Their priority is to ensure that your needs are met before moving forward, while also fostering a transparent working relationship. In addition, they make sure that expectations are clearly understood on both ends.

Implementation Team

Our implementation team specializes in onboarding, which includes setting up your Warehouse Management Software portal, providing training on how to use it effectively, as well as teaching you how to use our ticketing system. They will also assist you in ensuring that your products are arriving and processing correctly.

Desktop mock up of Boxzooka's WMS porgram
Client Success team at Boxzooka

Client Success Team

After your onboarding is complete, you will be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager who will serve as your primary point of contact going forward. Think of them as an extension of your team. They will be proactive in scheduling status meetings and strategic business reviews, and you can easily reach them by phone or email whenever you have questions or issues. With our Client Success Managers, you can rest assured that you are always covered.

Client Services

Client Service memeber on the phone

At Boxzooka, we offer superior client services through a combination of advanced technology and efficient communication with our team. This approach gives you complete access to information about your products, orders, inventory, returns, transportation, and special projects.

Client Portal 

Real time access to all data at your fingertips via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Ticketing System

Routine inquiries are managed via a ticketing system with prompt answers to questions.

Client Success Manager

Our CSMs are in our distribution centers and ready to take your call, answer your text or email. 

Status Meetings

Weekly status meetings are a routine process for staying on top of your initiative, reviewing forecasts, and preparing for campaigns and special projects.

Strategic Business Review 

Our Client Success Team and an Executive Sponsor will participate in Business Reviews and strategy sessions to put the strength of our organization to work for you.  

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